Fellow Members,
First of all, I hope everyone is feeling well and doing fine and staying safe!
This is to inform you that we will not be able to hold are state convention on the 9th of May. Due to the coronavirus 19, the DAV will not be open this month. If for some reason we are not able to hold a state convention before the 1st of August of this year, all officers will stay where they are for the ensuing year of 2020-2021. All paperwork has to be in National by the 1st of August. All post revalidation and 990N into the department by the 15th of July.
This will be an update on what is happening on the Department level, we had 2 entries for the department scholarship. I had started a fundraiser, but I put that on hold because of everything going on. I will be restarting that fundraiser – Eagle Quilt $5.00 a ticket or A book of 5 for$20.00. I will send out tickets in the very near future. Nebraska has a new Director for the Omaha National Cemetery, her name is Greta Hamilton. Our paperwork for getting Vetted with the cemetery for the bell tower got loss. I resubmitted the paperwork and now just waiting. I also have the Americanism program all judged and just need to make out the certificates.
Hope this answers some questions. If any more questions just call or email me.
Thanks for your time,
AMVETS Dept. of Nebraska
Exec Dir / Finance Officer
Deborah L Wehrli
1075 Nebraska Street
Blair, NE 68008-1703
C: 402-682-1143

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