state convention

The state convention is scheduled for May 6, 2023. The location is DAV Post # 2. The address is 4515 F St, Omaha, NE. Starting @ 9:00 am.
As of right now, the 42nd Street exit is closed; right now, not sure when it is to open.
If you need help finding out how to get there, let me know.
All posts will need to redo their By-Laws this year due to the change of the life membership that will rise in September 2023. The raise is:
up to age 55            $500.00
56age – 65 age        $400.00
66 age and up         $300.00
If you want to go life, get your paperwork to me before August, little work is done because they are getting ready for the National Convention.
Deborah L Wehrli
C: 402-682-1143